29 March 2008

Fresh from the kiln

Yesterday, I had a long list of things to accomplish. I got about half of everything done. That is about par for the course, as the saying goes, for me. I still overestimate what I can do in a day; does that make me a chronic optimist or an under-acheiver? I have a lot of decorating to do today; that means covering my work with 3-4 layers of slip, drawing the designs, and carving each one. The way I work, there are no shortcuts. Since I started decorating all of my work, I just don't get the same satisfaction from throwing a piece and dipping it in a glaze. I think I'll try to get some process photos taken today to add to my blog. I'll add it to the list!

Below is a new design I'm working on. I'm calling it "willow". I can't tell you how exciting it is to have a new idea, and be able to pull it off. Many ideas go up on my whiteboard; only a few make it to fruition. I'm saving some for a rainy day. I consider myself very lucky to have more ideas than time; as excruciating as that can be, it is far better than having it the other way around.

I like to try designs first on my small flared bowl. It's 10" in diameter, so it's the perfect size to show my carving. It's big enough to get the design flowing, and small enough that it is approachable for a first attempt. It's big enough to make a substantial housewarming or wedding gift, but small enough that I can keep the price relatively affordable. I basically price my work based on surface area of the carving, since that is the most labor intensive part of the process; everything else is worked in as overhead. I liken it to a painter doing a small sketch before they attack the 6'X4' canvas... or a sculptor making a maquette before the full size piece.

So, here it is, willow, in aqua, green, and chocolate:

I'm also working on making my lotus design more lotus-y. This is one of my favorite color combinations for spring: periwinkle and light green. I made the leaves on this one like the willow leaves, just to see what it would look like. Of course, they don't look like lotus leaves; my work is stylized, people.

I made quite a few little bird tumblers in this last round for my upcoming retail show, and for Etsy. I switched them up a little, and put them on a willow branch. I think I actually like them more this way than I do with the mod branch.

I'll be listing these items in my Etsy shop during the next couple of days. Right now, I'm heading to my little studio. If you see me in the Forums today, tell me to get back to work!


High Desert Diva said...

Fantastic designs and colors!

SecretMe said...

beautiful work, I LOVE the lotus plate

decadentdiamond said...

The bird tumblers are the cutest things!

melissa@yummygoods said...

oooh, your work is just lovely. I especially love the lotus. Yes, stylized.