31 March 2008

Getting Ready for Paradise City

I can't believe tomorrow is April already. It snowed this morning; so much for March going out like a lamb. The saying definitely does not apply in Vermont.
Paradise City Philadelphia is this coming weekend. I'll be in booth 139, should you find yourself at the show. This is the most selective of their shows, so I was pretty thrilled to get in. My sister lives in Philly, so I have a free place to stay there. That is why I applied to the show; I'm cheap, er, I mean frugal.

My booth will look something like this, though it will be a bit deeper, a full 10x10, and it will be a corner space.

I love my propanels. I bought them after I did a show across from painter Sean Huntington, incidentally a very talented and funny guy. He's from PA, but he won't be at this show. His booth looked great and mine looked blah. Rented pipe and drape is pretty lame; especially when the guy is setting it up for you and you're noticing all the stains. Um, do you have another panel on you? That one looks like it was used for a body dump.

I'm looking forward to seeing Kenny Delio again; we met a couple of months ago at BMAC. Natalie Blake will be at this show too. Only problem with shows: not enough time to socialize and see all the great work. I had an idea a few shows back, that it would be great to have all the booths on moving platforms, sort of like those spinning restaurants you can go to and have a $20.00 cocktail. Yes, it would make mapping the show problematic, but at least the exhibitors wouldn't have to see the exact same booth for 3 days straight.

Don't get me wrong- I'm always across the aisle from an amazing artist. But by the second day, I have their product line, booth set-up, and sales pitch memorized. On the plus side, I have had really good luck with my neighbors at these shows. At BMAC, I left my booth for a lady's break, and when I returned Adam Paulek was writing an order for me. Rock on, awesome neighbor!

This impending show is why I have been up late crafting all weekend. I'm about to crack the kiln, so I can glaze everything and reload to do the glaze firing overnight. Here I go.

Oh, one more thing. I made a potter's delight banner. It doesn't really go with my style, but I do crack myself up. Get it? It's embarrassing if I have to explain my lame jokes.

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